March 25, 2016

Qinetic LIFE FORCE Training: Methodology Explained


💎An Advancement in Human Movement💎

⚡Qi-netics of Mind, Body & Heart⚡

Temple Qinesis (a Club for Energy Cultivation) began as our fitness laboratory where we studied how to enhance, advance, practice and perfect the movements of Mind, Body & Spirit.  

Our training systems have benefited the lives of thousands upon thousands of clients, in a very short amount of time.  

We are now ready to present our success-driven, super-mindful Life Force training program to the world at large.  

We are here to help as much as we possibly can… and usually a little bit more!

We utilize the science of Kinesiology to gain a greater understanding of the connections between our

Mind, Body, Ego, Heart, Life-Force Energy and Consciousness.  

We apply this advanced understanding toward our daily lives in order to amplify our philosophical and spiritual understanding of the world we live in, maximizing our state of happiness, fulfillment & inner peace.  

In other words, we live more of life, we literally enjoy it more than we did before.

 Sound good to you?

The Temple Qinesis training system represents the next stage of human development, both as a society and on an individualized scale. Qinesis ‘Human Kinetics’ is centered around Interdisciplinary Training (or Cross-Training) for both the Mind & Body, which allows the student to step outside of the figurative “box” and encourages them to develop a well-rounded lifestyle of functional activity that will expedite personal growth and accomplishment.

Our program advances the popular trend of Cross-Training by introducing and incorporating the Mind & Energy Sciences to the human-divine formula.

All motor actions within the human form begin with a thought which initiates a communication between cells that are termed neurons and glia.

Neurons transmit electrical signals to other neurons.

Glia are non-neuronal cells that maintain homeostasis (inner balance), form myelin (insulation), and provide support and protection for neurons in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

In other words,

GLIA protect NEURONS and hold them in place.
GLIA supply nutrients and oxygen to NEURONS.
GLIA insulate NEURONS from other NEURONS.
GLIA destroy and remove (clean) dead NEURONS.

⚡ 💎 ⚡

Different forms, or frequencies, of electrical signals will influence certain, specific activities to occur in muscles or glands.

The resulting action is determined by the initial thought impulse created by the human host.

Therefore, all actions begin as ‘Thought Forms’.

At Temple Qinesis, we consider Thought-Forms equally as important as Muscle Actions when mindfully cultivating any athletic skill applied toward a goal.


▲ Mindfulness is the universal key to mastery. ▲

We All Move.


Temple Qinesis Proprietary Training Systems will inspire you to move more mindfully and efficiently, to increase your mobility and flexibility, to improve your strength and balance, and will help reduce stress and physical limitations.

We All Eat.


Temple Qinesis Proprietary Training Systems will educate you on how to mindfully consume what is most beneficial and conducive to your lifestyle needs.

We All Think (Hopefully!).


Temple Qinesis Proprietary Training Systems will teach you to live more mindfully, build confidence and humility, to increase your visualization skills and perceptive abilities, and to learn how to harness power through compassion and empathy.

We All Care for Our Community.


Temple Qinesis encourages the concept of Sangha which we interpret as ‘a mindful community of enlightened beings’.

We have the opportunity to simply live, but let us live with purpose!

A fit body without proper nutrition is like owning a Ferrari with a gas tank full of mud.

A fit body without an active mind is like owning a Yacht without learning how to sail first.

⚡ 💎 ⚡

Temple Qinesis will help you:

▲ Master your extraordinary vehicle ▲

▲ Learn how to properly fuel yourself for high performance ▲

▲ How to mindfully use your ability to produce optimal success in every aspect of your life. ▲