April 19, 2016


▴ 100 Workouts for SHREDDING UP

Designed to Hiit each and every muscle with a blast that’ll leave your entire body looking and working extra fit, tight, toned and efficient

▴ 100 Workout for ABS & CORE STRENGTH

Strengthen your Core while Tightening your Tummy, Love Handles & Lower Back

▴ 100 Workouts for BUTT & THIGHS

Tighten, Tone and Build your Butt, Inner Thighs, Quads and Hips

▴100 Workouts FLIGHT SCHOOL Program

Jump Higher, Run Faster, Next Level Power


Ancient & Modern techniques combined to benefit You and your ability to Heal Yourself

▴ 28 Day BUILD A BRAND Program

Here’s your ‘MBA’ from the Street. A Business Structuring Model and Recommended Marketing Tactics system for any Entrepreneur ready for a more efficient way of working


*These Downloadable PDF E-books include Workouts ONLY; They do not qualify as Teacher Certifications and do not carry a license to use Brand Trademarks.  See Certifications tab if you wish to become a Licensed Qinetic Life Force Personal Trainer or an Instructor for/of one of our many diverse Class Certifications.

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