May 11, 2016

Qinetic POWER (Olympic OLY & OCR Skills Class Instructor)

The ULTIMATE Strength & Conditioning Class 

Want Olympian Technique & Power?

Need more Energy & Endurance?

Need to feel skillfully empowered?

Wish to lift more weight and AVOID injury?

How about UNLIMITED power & energy?

Want to feel ‘in the flow’, pushing your limits again?

Then it’s time you take your power back…

Here’s how

Bodyweight Movement Mastery + Olympic Lifting Technical Training + Gymnastic Strength Development + Advanced Functional Movement Studies and Comprehensive Weight Lifting Education.

We are giving it all to you in this Program!

Our signature Life Force ENERGY Class is NOW supercharged on rocket-fuel!

Over 15 years of practical study, research & implementation has led to the creation of our


We combine our advanced system of technical, mechanically sound, functional training with:



Olympic Lifting

and Powerlifting

We provide:

Daily Workouts

Meal Plans and Recipes

Motivation and Mind Power systems

Youtube Demonstrations & Life Hack Tips

Quotes of the Day and more!

Temple Qinesis

This course significantly benefits our athletes who seek:

To test & to push their limits

To gain mastery over their minds

TO substantially improve their competitive conditioning

To increase, enhance & improve athletic skills!

In this Program

You will

  • Lose 20 lbs

  • Build lean muscle mass

  • Increase Metabolic rate

  • Amplify your energy

  • Become more flexible

  • Feel more confident

  • Plus tons of additional benefits

  • Detoxification, focus, stamina, imagination


Image Captured at the original Temple Qinesis