May 11, 2016

Qinetic ENERGY (Functional Class Instructor)

ULTIMATE Energy Flow + Functional Fitness 

All-In-One Toning, Conditioning and Flexibility Class

Want Strength without the Bulk?

Need more lasting Energy?

Need to feel empowered?

Wish to be more powerful?

How about UNLIMITED power & energy?

Want to feel ‘in the flow’ again?

Then it’s time you take your power back…

Here’s how


Our Famous
High Intensity Life Force ENERGY Training Class

Over 15 years of practical study, research & implementation has led to the creation of our


We provide:

Daily Workouts

Meal Plans and Recipes

Motivation and Mind Power systems

Youtube Demonstrations & Life Hack Tips

Motivating Quotes of the Day and more!

 Involving ALL physical skills

Instructors are educated on scientifically-proven &  proper timing intervals, state-of-the-art class programming, the many technical methods of conditioning muscles, and how to progress their classes mindfully, compassionately, and enthusiastically.

Isotonic to Isometric

Aerobic to Anaerobic

Static to Dynamic

Isokinetic to Auxotonic

Plyometric & beyond!

This is where your education takes a quantum leap and has an opportunity to reach it’s highest potential.

We provide a very unique and specific approach to maximizing an athlete’s potential.  

Now you can share the secrets of success with your entire community!

In this class, Instructors educate clients how to utilize their own bodyweight and functional training to maximize on time invested!

In this Program

You will

                  • Lose 20 lbs

                    • Build lean muscle mass

              • Increase Metabolic rate

                      • Amplify your energy

          • Become more flexible

                      • Feel more confident

                  • Plus tons of additional benefits like

            • Detoxification, increased focus, improved stamina, reignited imagination

 ENERGY is our most popular, highest attended, results-driven and longest running class!