May 11, 2016

The Qinetic (Energy & Life Force Trainer) MASTER PROGRAM

We Are All Energy

There is an underlying Flow that connects everything in Life. The Qinetic Program will teach you to align yourself physically, mentally, nutritionally and energetically so that you can tap back into and have full access to this infinite Source.

We All Move

The QINESIS Life Force Personal Trainer Program will coach you to move more efficiently, increase your mobility, and help reduce physical limitations.  As a result, making you more capable to help with your clients fitness and wellness needs.

We All Eat

The QINESIS Life Force Personal Trainer Program will educate you on how to consume what is most beneficial and conducive to your lifestyle needs.  This program will motivate You to properly and effectively adapt these methods to benefit your clients as well!

We All Think (Hopefully!)

The QINESIS Life Force Personal Trainer Certification will teach you to live more mindfully, how to build genuine confidence and humility, to increase your visualization and perceptive abilities, and to learn of compassion and empathy.  Within the program are included mental and neurological superchargers, as well as a cornucopia of ancient and modern psychological discoveries that can literally transform a human to a Meta-human!

We All Care for Our Community

The QINESIS Life Force Personal Trainer Certification reflects the Buddhist concept of “Sangha” which translates into “a community of enlightened beings”. We have the opportunity to simply live, but let’s live with purpose!  We have created this program to genuinely help and altruistically benefit our species. 

This is survival medicine, this is ultimate fitness.  Why? Because it is our sole aim to equip you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to live a fulfilling life, free from limitation, and in which you can manifest all of your hopes, dreams and wishes.  We hope that our science and experience based suggestions, help improve each and every day of your life.  And if so, please spread the knowledge! 

We are all connected by energy, by breath, by the underlying Flow that animates us all, with the methods included in this program, we can improve that connection, we can grow together, and work with one another to build a better world for tomorrow.

A fit body without proper nutrition is like owning a Ferrari with a gas tank full of mud.

A fit body without an active mind is like owning a Yacht without learning how to sail first.

Our Human Qinetics Certification Programs will help you create amazing machines with your clients’ bodies, educate how to properly fuel these high performance vehicles, and how to mindfully use the new abilities to produce optimal health, happiness & successful results.  


Life Force Fitness:
Kinesiology, Energetics, Biomechanics & Exercise Physiology (Forming Structure)

Food Types, Sources, Effects, Timing & Recommendations (Fueling System)

Processes, Programs, Cultivations & Connections (Becoming Limitless)

Consciousness, Behavior, Conditioning (Finding Balance)

Business Administration:
Responsibilities of a Successful Professional (Build a Pyramid)

Simplified Reality & Worst Case Scenario Preparation (Protect Yourself)

Life Hacks:
Tricks, Tips & Recommendations (Superpowers)