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We offer an array of unique, state-of-the-art proprietary courses that have proven successful & beneficial to both coaches and clients alike. We provide a comprehensive, mindful approach to Personal Training previously uncharted and hope to share such knowledge with our industry at large. Fitness & Wellness specialists from all corners can benefit from such an expanded consciousness of our craft.
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Manimal Coach

Our Signature Functional Mobility, Parkour Conditioning & Acrobatic Skill Development Course

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Energy Coach

Our Signature Bootcamp-style Class. A functional & comprehensive circuit involving all physical skills, isotonic to isometric, aerobic to anaerobic & beyond!

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OIur Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, advanced Functional Movements and comprehensive Weight Lifting Course. Our signature Qinetic Energy Class but on rocket-fuel!

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Master Personal Trainer ‘Mindful Training’ Certification

The Mindful Manimal (Qinetic): Our Master Mindful Coaching and Functional-Fitness, Cross-Training Personal Trainer Certification

Tobin 'Q' Osusky

The QINESIS programs have been designed and developed by real-life, hands-on, tried-and-true Personal Trainers and Exercise Specialists who have worked in every aspect of both the Fitness and the Preventative Medical Community and have an incredible amount of passion for improving the collective state of fitness and wellness. We wish to honor our role as Healers, Educators and Motivators and with the QINESIS programs we aim to inspire an industry-wide shift toward more mindful program design .

Tobin Osusky

Creator & Chief Program Designer
Hey I’m Tobin, thanks for your interest in becoming a more Mindful Personal Trainer, and more improved being in general. I’m really excited we will be working together to improve the collective state of Fitness & Wellness for future generations.

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