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We offer an array of unique, state-of-the-art proprietary courses that have proven successful & beneficial to both coaches and clients alike. We provide a comprehensive, mindful approach to Personal Training previously uncharted and hope to share such knowledge with our industry at large. Fitness & Wellness specialists from all corners can benefit from such an expanded consciousness of our craft.
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Mindful Movement ‘Manimal’ Coach

Our Signature Functional Mobility, Parkour Conditioning & Acrobatic Skill Development Course. Animal mobility, monk meditation and yogi flexibility, all combined into one fun, excited and educational course.

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Qinetic Energy Coach

Our Signature Bootcamp-style Class. A functional & comprehensive circuit involving all physical skills, isotonic to isometric, aerobic to anaerobic & beyond! Get your energy flowing and that Life Force activated. We teach you the mechanics and you learn to master them!

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Qinetic POWER Coach

The Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, advanced Functional Movements and comprehensive Weight Lifting Course. Our signature Qinetic Energy Class but on rocket-fuel! We combine bodyweight mastery with Barbells, Pullups and a gamet of superhuman conditioning tools like Kettlebells and Power movements to transform you into the most powerful You, possible!

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LIFE FORCE Personal Trainer Certification

The Mindful Personal Trainer aka The Qinetic: Master our Life Force Coaching Program and Functional-Fitness, Cross-Training Personal Trainer Certification and become the leader of your community. You will attain a truly comprehensive awareness of Holistic Health and how to apply this knowledge to benefit your Training regimen, overall lifestyle and your career. Tap into your Quantum power and connect with your highest self! Then teach others the secrets you’ve learned.

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Offering Certifications in Life Force Personal Training & Group Exercise Instruction
The Life Force Trainer: Trendsetting MOVEMENT toward more MINDFUL TRAINING standardized practices into the Quantum Age of Holistic Fitness.
  • Our revolutionary Life Force Energy Personal Training Mindfulness Certification designed to inspire a society of more Aware and Self-Reliant beings and improve the overall integrity of the Fitness Industry as a whole. 99 represents the comprehensive nature of this offer, the final 1% is in your heart! The Qinetic Trainer Certification includes 3 Instructor Licenses:

  • You will learn to move like an animal, but not just any animal, the ultimate animal, one that can adapt to anything! Then teach others how to unleash their unlimited mobility. (Can be purchased alone or as a Bundle Deal)

  • The most functional & comprehensive circuit the fitness industry currently offers! Involving all physical skills, isotonic to isometric, aerobic to anaerobic, balance to ballistic movements & beyond. In this class, we teach instructors to utilize their own bodyweight and functional training to maximize on time invested, in turn teaching their students the same principles. This is our most popular and longest running class! (Can be purchased alone or as a Bundle Deal)

  • Our signature Qinetic Energy Class but on rocket-fuel! We combine our advanced system of functional training with Barbells, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, and Powerlifting in order to benefit our athletes who seek to test their limits and improve their competitive & athletic conditioning. This is an advanced skill course and requires coaches to be exceptionally mindful, focused and responsible! (Can be purchased alone or as a Bundle Deal)

Tobin Osusky

The QINESIS and The Qinetic programs have been designed and developed by real-life, hands-on, tried-and-true Personal Trainers and Exercise Specialists who have worked in every aspect of both the Fitness and the Preventative Medical Community and have an incredible amount of passion for improving the collective state of fitness and wellness. We wish to honor our role as Healers, Educators and Motivators and with the QINESIS programs we aim to inspire an industry-wide shift toward more mindful program design and quantum awareness of how energy flows through our machinery.

Tobin Osusky

Creator & Chief Program Designer
Hey I’m Tobin, thanks for your interest in becoming a more Mindful Personal Trainer, and more improved being in general. I’m really excited we will be working together to improve the collective state of Fitness & Wellness for future generations.

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